Chris Walton

When getting social goes wrong

The UK domain registrar 123 Reg posted the following on their Facebook today

Create your own website in minutes

Let’s take the technical hassle out of website creation. After all, who wants to be a computer geek? With InstantSite, anyone can design a website. That’s right, no boring web code or paying out for costly web designer fees – just a great looking and easy to manage website.

It didnt take too long for a minor backlash from some of the “geeks” who use their services and as one pointed out web designer fees may be “costly” but for a great number of their customers it pays the bills and who really wants a boring template site.

To some this will suggest that 123 dont appreciate their bread and butter customers, yes there will be businesses wanting to get themselves online without dealing with a web company or freelancer, but they dont tend to be repeat customers.

Waiting to see how long it takes before they post an apology for alienating the majority of their customer base and whether anyone else picks up on it.