Chris Walton

Updating an Order Status in the Magento Database

No matter how good your system is sometimes things go wrong and you have to go into the database to make things right.

Magento is no exception, be it an issue with a module install/upgrade or an order which hasn’t progressed for any number of reasons… Luckily changing a Magento order status is pretty easy a task;

  1. First we need to find the entity ID for particular order, this is different from the Order ID we see in the Sales Grid but isn’t at all difficult to find. Simply open the order in your browser and examine the page URL, this will contain the ID
  2. Open following tables and search for the ID we found in Step 1
    • sales_flat_order
    • sales_flat_order_grid
  3. Update status’ from processing to complete (for example, you may be wishing to cancel the order)

And thats it, pretty easy!