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Microsoft sends flowers to the wake for IE6

So I read a couple of days ago that a Web Design company from Denver in the States was planning to hold a funeral for the long lived and much despised Internet Explorer 6. It was a funny news story and some would say a bit on the strange side, what made the story more interesting and even funnier is that it seems Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Dev team got wind of their plans and sent a bouquet of flowers!

Along with the flowers was a note which said

Thanks for the good times, IE6. See you all @ MIX, where we’ll show a little piece of IE heaven. Internet Explorer Team at Microsoft.

Even though I have recently been taking a different view when it comes to designing and building websites with IE6 in mind, and instead of moaning about it instead working with its limitations with graded browser support, its a shame that the companies who refuse to update their computer systems so we no longer have to worry about websites being broken, and they dont have to worry about the security of their computers.

Hopefully with more and more companies ditching IE6 either for a newer version or on of the other much better options we as web builders can start concentrating on the important aspects of accessibility and user experience.

I dont know what was bigger news, that there is a new version of Internet Explorer on the horizon or that someone from Microsoft have a sense of humour!

Check out the website and pictures taken at the funeral on Flickr..Rest in Peace IE6 gone but not forgotten.

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