Chris Walton

Happy New Year – 2013 Edition

Happy New Year all, I think a small review of 2012 is in order, everyone seems to be doing it so lets not buck the trend…

 Things I learnt this year

  •  A local development environment is essential and those who tell you that you don’t need it are wrong, so ignore them and go install MAMP!
  • Mac’s really are better than PC’s, at least for some things; in others its just a really nice, really pricey computer.
  • Responsive design is good when done right and when its the right method to use. And that many, many people out there seem to think it has something to do with speed!
  • When they say SEO is organic they mean it, the beast grows and changes on a daily basis (or as the lads in work term it, “you checking our stocks price again Chris?”
  • There are some really interesting things you can do with Magento, but some people go over board with Static Blocks (time for a 2013 site spring clean).
  • Sometimes its better to just take the initiative and get the job done.
  • Clients don’t always consider their new website their top priority even though you do, once you realise this and work it into the way you manage your projects it makes for a happier working relationship with them…they are the ones paying the bills so don’t get funny with them or let anyone else either.
  • Always have a plan and set goals, especially with those troublesome clients, see above, =]
  • And finally, don’t let life get to you as who wants to be fed up 24/7, if something doesn’t feel right just get out, you will be happier for it!

Things I want to do in 2013

  • Javascript/JQuery – it was a goal for this year and failed, plenty time to learn new things though
  • Master Responsive design within WordPress and Magento
  • Release my own WordPress theme
  • Blog more and share what I learn so others can learn alternative ways to do things or in turn teach me a better way (Social Media being the way forward when it comes to mentors)
  • Set some specific goals for the year (there we go thats something to blog about) so consider the above goals 1-4.

2013 is going to be a good year, all the best!