Chris Walton

Cloud Computing, a help or hinderence?

Unless you have been living under a rock you will know that the next big thing is the concept of cloud computing. The basic idea has actually been around for some time when it comes to apps for authoring documents online such as the popular Google Docs which I have been using for 3 or 4 years.

The benefit of being able to create and store a word or excel ( to name just 2 examples) file online and be able to easily share and co author with other possibly half way around the globe is a massive help with managing projects with colleagues in another country or even something as simple as sharing a gift wish list for birthdays or a wedding.

Now there is one question which I asked myself last night, “what do you when the Internet goes off?” this is a valid question and concern with more and more of our information going into cyberspace and for many may in fact be more important than keeping their information secure. If you are running a business and use a cloud to store all of your information and you have a broadband outage, which can happen even these days, what do you do? Well I guess there is always the option of running down to your nearest Internet cafe or the local which offers a Wifi hotspot but for some who take remote working to another level it may be a bit of a trip.

So is the idea of Cloud Computing a good or a bad thing in your opinion? And how would you get around an unexpected loss of Internet?